A Journey

by Kathryn Stein

If you have traveled out beyond these halls,

I’d consider you lucky, for my heart

Longs to see a sight beyond these familiar walls.

For one day I fear I might depart

Without ever seeing stars from unfamiliar angles

This dream of mine may come apart.


I’d like to stand in the shade

Of an unfamiliar tree

And see shadows of leaves I’ve never known.

For what a charming sight that would be

For someone whose only seen one sea

To behold a new sway of branches blown.


To see the creatures, big or small

Of somewhere far off from here

I hope to learn all their names

Before they disappear.

To see them in books does not suffice

I want to see and hear.

Before them or I are forever gone

Hold them in my heart to endear.


Do you think I will get the chance

To taste flavors I don’t recognize?

In a place that might emphasize

A different song and dance.

Will I ever stand under new skies

And hear unfamiliar sounds?

When will the opportunity arise?


This time next year I hope to find

Myself somewhere different and new.

But for now I feel myself confined

Knowing only one point of view.

But for now I’ll sleep with far off dreams

Of a journey far over due.