Leading Other Violently Elsewhere

by David Tahvildaran

Winged stars raining down

The tides turn as they touch down

Passionate clouds rise


Winds carry fear far

Making us the enemy

Waiting anxiously


Orders to leave here

No answer to where there is

Just us from the coast


We take homes of cattle

Leave behind home, luggage, friends

And humanity


Years go by, as the

World spins faster around us

We adapt, we survive


No way to escape

By day, runners are put to

Rest, we mourn them all


Night is only worse

Don’t touch the door knob, it won’t

Give you your skin back


Liberation has come

Months later our homeland falls

We, the world, start anew


First Issei struggled

Now Nissei share the same fate

The clock has set back


Reparations come

Parsed out over the decades

That time, forever lost